Part of IADWP´s DNA is to create a better world for those who are already here and for future generations yet to come

In addition to fostering a friendlier, more diverse, and inclusive destination wedding and romance industry globally, our goal is also to care for our planet.

This is why we’ve put the following initiatives into place. 

Julie Foundation

Join our mission to build a fairer and more dignified society for the most vulnerable teenagers in Cartagena.
This project aims to break cycles of poverty through the prevention of teenage pregnancy and female empowerment. Through the comprehensive strengthening program, we seek to strengthen the soft skills of the beneficiaries, train them in sexual and reproductive health so that they can exercise responsible sexuality, and achieve female empowerment to contribute to the development of their personal life project and exercise leadership in their community. Currently, Cartagena has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country, so it is urgent to implement projects like this one.

During the WRTC Colombia Cartagena 2024 event, attendees will have the opportunity to make a cash contribution on-site.

Your support will directly benefit our cause and help us make a positive impact in the community. Join us in making a difference!

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Casa hogar Voy de Tu Mano: Making a change

We have rolled up our sleeves, and this 2024 with the help of attendees at the Congreso de Bodas LAT, we will support the Home Hand in Hand. This organization in León is dedicated to providing well-being to girls and adolescents in vulnerable situations, through protection, decent housing, affection, and education.

How will we achieve this?

  • By attending our 14th edition, a percentage of your ticket will be allocated to Casa hogar Voy de tu mano.
  • Additionally, the event attendees can make donations in kind, such as computers, tablets in good condition, school supplies, or musical instruments to help these young people grow.

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Reviving Our Seas: Embracing Ocean Conservation 

Bávaro Reefs Foundation has a coral restoration project since 2016, together with the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic, taking care of the 3rd biggest coral nursery in the country. The facilities are located in Bibijagua beach, Punta Cana with a coral museum in 2 languages and a gardening project in Cabeza de Toro area. 

 The objective of the Foundation is to restore the coral ecosystem and marine biodiversity in the Bávaro area. The most important achievements by the Bávaro Reefs Ecological Foundation are:

  • One of the largest coral nurseries in the Dominican Republic by coral cover.
  • Surveillance plans to avoid ilegal fishing gear, almost completely eradicating fishing
  • Turtle protection program with the largest congregation of green turtles in the Dominican Republic, with a population of about 30 individuals in about 500,000 square meters.
  •  Alliances with the Vice Ministry of the Environment for the conservation of marine biodiversity in this area, as the main ally for the surveillance of the Dominican Navy.
  • Alliances with the Dominican Navy for the construction of the navigation channel from Bibijagua Beach to the natural pool to guarantee security and responsible sailing
  • Documenting extinct species in the Dominican Republic, with presence of individuals of black grouper, goliath and giant parrotfish, not observed in the country for years.

The attendees of World Romance Travel Conference 2023 in Punta Cana, boarded the catamaran Eclipse Punta Cana and participated in coral reproduction.

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Taking Care of Our Environment

  • During our 12th Edition of the LAT Wedding Congress which took place in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon from September 5 - 8, 2022, IADWP implemented actions to mitigate the carbon footprint generated by the event.
  • Additionally, we executed strategies to promote  social inclusion and reduce de environmental impact of the 18th Edition of the World Romance Travel Conference, which took place in November 7 - 9, 2022 in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and in Guanajuato City. In this, sense, we tried to be as much paperless as possible and incite participants to recycle their badges, among others.

For each of these events, IADWP made a donation to the restoration of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the State of Michoacan, Mexico, which is home to millions of natural species.

Supporting Inclusion

  • Profits obtained from the social event "Carnita Asada", which took place during the 12th Edition of the LAT Wedding Congress in September 2022 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, were donated to P.A.O. Down A.C., an organization focused on enhancing the quality of life and fostering inclusion for individuals with different abilities.
  • To further support this cause, IADWP partnered with Lovely Planners, an affiliate of P.A.O. Down at the World Romance Travel Conference 2022 Welcome Dinner which was held in Guanajuato Mexico. The initiative worked with members of the P.A.O. Down community, bringing them in to assist the servers at the event.


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