Barcelo Maya Grand Resort celebrates the largest Hindu Wedding in the Riviera Maya!

destination weddings resorts Jul 13, 2022

The Riviera Maya has been characterized in recent years to be one of the destinations where foreigners have their weddings and are located at the top of destinations chosen by Indian couples, for its spectacular landscapes, pleasant climate, and luxury services. offered by specialized resorts to celebrate and officiate these very special weddings.

Hindu weddings are characterized by extravagance, grand display, and dazzling luxury, as it is a matter of honor for the family. It is the family's opportunity to demonstrate their social status and surprise all the guests.

Barcelo Maya Grand Resort has been the place chosen by Ruchi & Arjun to celebrate their wedding, which has been the biggest wedding of the year in the Riviera Maya, with 892 guests from 4 countries. After more than a year of preparations,

Ruchi and Arjun arrived at the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort to enjoy all the celebrations that awaited them for their weddings, from May 19 to 22. With the unique style that characterizes them, glamor was present in every detail, from the simplest ceremonies to the majestic ones such as the Hindu ceremony, the Sangeet, and the final reception.

Barcelo Maya Grand Resort has been the perfect host for this event during the 4 days of festivities. Not only the traditions were celebrated, but they also gave way to the most modern celebrations based on the multiculturalism of this couple.

The celebrations began the day the guests arrived at the Barcelo Maya Beach, where the evening was enlivened by a DJ, accompanied by oriental dancers.

The guests were received with a Mexican menu to thank the country where they were going to celebrate the most important moment of their lives. On the second day, the Pithi was held in the pool of the Barcelo Maya Caribe, a ceremony to prepare and purify the bride and groom for their union, where the guests were entertained with canapés prepared by our food and beverage department and our entertainment department animated the event.

The Sangeet, a party where the guests dance and offer their good wishes to the couple, was held in the Chichenitza rooms of the Barcelo Maya Colonial and was enlivened with traditional music and a live show by Indian artists.

To close with a flourish, the wedding featured the participation of the singer from India Gurdeep Mehndi, a traditional menu, and different live shows, which made the final event, which took place in our Barceló Maya Arena, something for everyone. unforgettable guests.

The venue became the perfect place for this unique celebration, full of color, luxury, and splendor. All the scenarios had a magical environment.

The Romance department, together with all the operations departments of the different hotels, have managed to make this event a success.

The bride and groom and their guests have had the opportunity to get to know the entire Complex since their events have been held in multiple locations.

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